Vik is a small village (only around 300 inhabitants) that is located on the southern coast of Iceland about two hours (driving) from Reykjavik.

It took us much longer to drive to Vik due to a diaper disaster (I will spare you the details but I will say that we scared some British hikers when we were tying to bathe a nearly naked baby with baby wipes in the trunk of our car.)

I have such pleasant memories of Vik. After spending the day exploring, out in the rain and cold, we took refuge at the Halldórskaffi in Vik. I loved the lace curtains, the tureen of homemade soup and freshly baked bread (that you helped yourself to!) and the lamb! I have thought of the lamb I ate there so many times. My son enjoyed watching the other guests – we ended up turning his highchair around so that he was facing the guests and not us.

There is an information office that is connected to the restaurant where a man worked who told stories of the evacuation of the area when Eyjafjallajökull erupted. He showed us the sign that would hang from the door to let visitors know that they would need to take shelter. When he was a child, he practiced regular volcano evacuations in school.

One day, I would love to spend the night in Vik and see the puffins. We unfortunately had to leave on this day that we visited.

The first image of Vik is from National Geographic.







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